Stamp Collecting

Stamp collecting for beginners is a fulfilling and addictive hobby, however, it s really more than that. You do not need expensive equipment to truly enjoy this wonderful hobby. Even some simple stamp collecting accessories can serve you very well. Stamp illustration If you are a beginner, there are a number of different types of stamps available, so picking the right one for you is half the fun. Here are a few of the main categories of stamps, and some ideas for how to start your collection. First, there are authenticated stamps, which are easy to identify because of their specific autograph, or in this case, limited edition, on the stamp. There are also misprints which are similar, however, they are clearly different because of their different colors. These stamps may be from different eras or regions, and could possibly be part of a set which means a collector has many of the same stamp, but in slightly different quantities.

When Misprints are Good

Authenticated and misprinted stamps can make excellent beginner's collections. Next, there are common, hard to spot stamps. A good idea is to use a magnifying glass to view these, as they are not as noticeable with the naked eye. One way to tell if you have a gum specimen is to look at the gumball, as they tend to look a little dry. Gum tissue tends to shrink a bit after being stored for a while, so this is a good indication. If the gum looks somewhat dry, it is a good idea to add a little water to the mixture, as this will help the gum swell a bit. Then, there are hinges, or hinges that can mount stamps to sheets of cardstock. Stamp image Stamp collectors will commonly mount their stamps to thin sheets of card, called flokati, so that the stamps will not get bent out of shape when they are in the frame. This is a great idea for beginners who may not yet own a large number of stamps to begin their collection. There are two types of hinges to choose from - the hallmarked and the winged hinges. Hallmarked hinges are normally made from brass, while winged hinges are typically made from copper. Stamp collecting can be a very rewarding hobby, and one that many people enjoy. The most popular type of stamp collecting for beginners is called philatelic philology, or stamp collecting with philatelic principles. This means that collectors will focus on individual stamps that display specific principles in philatelic theory, such as a particular design, color, shape, and so on. It also means that the stamps will most likely be rare, limited editions, or otherwise hard to obtain. As a hobby, philatelic stamp collecting can be a demanding hobby, though with enough determination and a deep understanding of the principles of philatelic philology, it can be immensely rewarding. Many stamp collectors focus on a particular era or even a country, such as Great Britain or the United States, or focus on a particular artist or style, such as American Philatelic. Stamp collecting for beginners, whether purchased or collected from birth, can be an intensely educational hobby, as it often provides opportunities to learn about history and society. Stamp collections are fascinating and can provide an interesting topic or activity for students of all ages. Collecting re-creation The stamps themselves will often tell the story of their age, and this aspect of the hobby makes it particularly valuable for schools or other educational institutions.

The Stamp Book

Stamp collecting can also be enhanced by purchasing a few essential accessories. One of the most important accessories for any stamp collector is a quality stamp book. These books will tell the story of the stamps from the year they were minted, or when they were produced, allowing new collectors to focus on the stamps that they love. Another great accessory that will allow new stamp collectors to easily collect stamps is a set of stamp tongs. These tongs come in a variety of sizes and designs and will allow the new stamp collector to quickly and efficiently store, handle, and display their stamps. If you are interested in starting a new stamp collecting hobby, or have been doing this for some time, you may want to consider the additional investment that these accessories will provide. In addition to having a vast and varied collection, you may want to also invest in a quality stamp book and some quality stamp collecting equipment. By combining the two-brands, you can provide yourself with the highest quality hobby experience and a very lucrative investment.